All buildings have an internal wiring system which links all apartments to a main distribution frame (MDF) located in or around the building/complex. The MDF is the focal point where all street phone and internet lines meet with all the phone and internet lines coming from the apartments in your building as well as shops.

When you apply for a new telephone or internet connection for your apartment or unit, your service provider will connect the wiring from the telephone exchange to the MDF in your building or apartment complex. However, up to here, your service is still not usable.

Additional wiring is required for your service to work at the apartment after your service provider has connected the service to the MDF where they will usually tag the line to identify it. When a line is tagged, another technician is called out to complete the installation. This process is what we help you with and this is called MDF jumpering, in which a jumper wire is run between the service providers side to the connection point corresponding to your apartment number at the MDF. Such a process requires access to a customer’s apartment to send a signal through your working socket to achieve an indication of your apartment’s line at the MDF.

To complete this type of work a cabling license is a necessity as well as certain master keys to access the MDF room which we have.

Please note, this service is available 9am-9pm 7 days a week.