NBN is here and with it comes the promise of high download and upload speeds. However, in order to achieve the best possible experience with the new internet systems, certain criteria must first be available.

Firstly, cables and internal network quality is the biggest factor with regards to your internet speed quality. At I Connect we can assist you in getting the optimum speed and receive the service you are paying for so why waste your money on slow internet when you can ensure faster net speed.

Moreover, our specialized technicians will assess your cables and your network to give you the best solution to upgrade your cables. Upon the free assessment we will provide you with a very competitive quote to do what needs to be done to optimize your network.

All work is carried by professional and licensed technicians and so great results are guaranteed.

This service is not only available for houses but also for units as we can upgrade your building network from the apartment all the way to the sub (IDF) and main distribution frames (MDF).