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A computer network is an essential element of modern business. A network lets your computer connect to the Web so that you can check e-mail, update a website, or teleconference. You may also add multiple computers to your network, share files, stream multimedia, share a printer, or control which computers can access data on the network. A LAN (Local Area Network) also lets you communicate locally with other computers on the same local network. Creating a network may sound simple however  You’ll need many components if you want to perform all the above mentioned tasks And complexity increases if you decide to add the wireless control convenient feature to your network. Fortunately, I Connect is here to assist.  Our experienced engineers will provide you with the right solution for your business and our after installation maintenance scheme will give you the peace of mind to have your network up and running all the time so you avoid downtimes that might cost you a lot of stress , disturbance and obviously a lot of money.

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Optic fiber cable